The PieLAB approach

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A permanent home for your business to thrive and your people to grow.

PieLAB is an organisation that invests in businesses and helps them grow.

We like to invest in businesses that:

  • Have between $3 million and $15 million of revenue annually
  • Generate more than $1 million EBITDA in annual profits
  • And have a stable revenue model, such as recurring or subscription revenue, or a strong repeat customer base

We prefer to buy a significant, ideally majority stake in a business but unlike private equity firms, we are not looking to simply grow your business and then sell it. In fact, we prefer to buy, grow and hold businesses for the long term.

Our ideal partner is:

  • A business owner who would like to step back or even step out of their business either straight away or staged over a period of time, or
  • A general manager, CEO or senior team member who would like to step up and own some of the business they run.

For business owners this could include:

  1. Reducing your financial exposure to the business you own by selling down some of your stake but remaining involved on either a full-time or part-time basis.
  2. Bringing in a partner like PieLAB to help your current management team buy some equity in the business, or
  3. Selling your business outright.

Many business owners don’t want to sell their business to a competitor and genuinely want to look after the team of people who currently work in the business.

If that resonates, we can help you step up, step back, or even step out, while ensuring your business and the people in it thrive into the future.

For leaders and management teams currently running a business owned by someone else, this could include:

  1. Providing the capital you need to buy the business you currently run, or
  2. Helping you find and finance a business in which you have specific industry experience.

And if the above examples don’t fit your exact situation, and you have a good business or a plan to make an average business great, give us a call – we’d love to help.

Learn more about the kinds of businesses PieLAB invests in this article from our executive team.

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